Your Comprehensive Guide to Tortle Ninja’s Open Beta Testing on Arbitrum One

Calling all our beta applicants! The moment you’ve eagerly awaited is just around the corner — we’re gearing up for an Open Beta testing phase on Arbitrum One!

3 min readSep 12, 2023

If you applied for the closed beta but didn’t make the first batches, now’s your chance to join in. The platform is now welcoming a larger group of testers, and if you’re eager to get involved, this is your moment.

Following a successful closed beta, you can now join our beta without waiting for acceptance. If you applied with a valid wallet address, you’re automatically selected to participate in our open beta. This article will give you all the details on what this means and how to get started.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to join Tortle Ninja’s incentivized open beta:

  • Join Tortle Ninja’s Discord: To kick off your open beta journey, simply click on this link:
  • Access the Open Beta Channel: Once you’re inside the Tortle Ninja Discord server, find the dedicated “Open Beta” channel. This is where all open beta discussions and updates happen.
  • Engage: Take the next step by sending a message to the open beta group to start your testing journey. Our team will provide you with all the essential details, including how to access the beta, objectives, and rewards.

In addition to early access to Arbitrum One, we’re offering a number of exclusive benefits to our beta testers. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Receive incentives for reporting bugs and providing feedback.
  • Be among the first to try Tortle Ninja on Arbitrum One. As a beta tester, you’ll have the opportunity to be among the first to try Tortle Ninja on Arbitrum.
  • Join our exclusive Discord channel, which is only available to V2 and Arbitrum One beta testers.
  • Take part in a private massive airdrop exclusively for our testers.

Your role in open beta testing is important. It’s your chance to shape the dApp’s future before its launch on Arbitrum One by exploring, interacting, providing feedback, and identifying any platform issues.

If you’ve been waiting to join our beta testing, now is the time. Join the open beta team today, and be part of our strong community!

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