Tortle Ninja’s Stress Test Result on Arbitrum

Explored Arbitrum’s approach to managing Tortle Ninja’s monster transactions.

4 min readJul 28, 2023

has rapidly emerged as one of the most popular and widely adopted networks for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. Its scalability and efficiency have attracted numerous users and developers seeking to harness the power of DeFi. However, we harbored doubts about its ability to handle Tortle Ninja’s “Monster Transactions”. On , the safety limit for transactions is about 100 embedded transactions. This threshold is the maximum limit beyond which transactions will not be accepted by anyone on the network.

To address these doubts, our team conducted a series of approximately 20 tests, progressively increasing the number of embedded transactions. Here are the results:

In our initial test, we executed strategies containing about 25 embedded transactions, and to our delight, all transactions, including deposits and withdrawals, were successful. This demonstrated that dealing with Tortle Ninja’s operations on Arbitrum was seemingly effortless.

Here is the transaction details:

For this simple recipe, we paid a price of $0.89, which was slightly higher than Fantom’s cost but still within an acceptable range.

During our subsequent stress test, we conducted 144 transactions, surpassing our initial limit on $FTM. As a result, we approached this phase with caution. As you can see in the details below, this transaction involved 6 liquidity pools and various embedded swaps..

As expected, the transaction went smoothly, just like before.

Here is the transaction details:

The seamless success of this process filled us with excitement. Typically, on other networks, transactions tend to fail when pushing the limits, but remarkably, that wasn’t the case with


Encouraged by the smooth performance so far, we proceeded with our next test, which involved 7 Liquidity Pools, pushing the boundaries even further.

Once again, the process went incredibly well, reaffirming our confidence in the system.

At this juncture, we decided to think bigger and take the next leap. We crafted a recipe involving 10 Liquidity Pools and a staggering 222 transactions. To our astonishment, the execution was flawless, both on deposit and withdrawal. The sheer scale of this recipe was so immense that it barely fit on our canvas, leaving us in awe of


Here is the transaction details:

This transaction represented the threshold of what was required on

. However, since none of them failed, we were intrigued to push the network’s limits and uncover any potential constraints that might emerge.

As a result, we proceeded with the next phase, which was so substantial that we had to split the images because they didn’t fit on our canvas. Our objective was to thoroughly test the network’s capabilities and observe how it handled such a significant workload.

This particular recipe comprises a total of 16 Liquidity Pools, involving a staggering 352 embedded transactions, all at a cost of $5.19, as indicated in the details below.

The bad news is that this withdrawal started to encounter issues, hitting our Safety Limit. These results let us elevate our safety limits on Tortle, so recipes can be bigger and richer on Arbitrum.

and this out Frankly, it’s highly unlikely that any user will ever require a larger recipe.

As we pushed further, we successfully processed batches of over 400 transactions, exemplified by this one:

Nevertheless, we noticed that such large batches aren’t entirely safe, as it becomes challenging to find a block. Consequently, we have decided to set a maximum size for our strategies, limiting them to approximately 200 transactions.

Despite these challenges, the results have been truly astonishing.

has proven to be an excellent platform for development, and we are excited about the potential it holds.

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