Tortle Ninja’s Initial Integrations on Arbitrum One

Tortle Ninja has integrated with several platforms, including SushiSwap, Balancer, GMX, Reaper, and Yearn Finance.

3 min readAug 15, 2023

Our development team has integrated with SushiSwap, Balancer, and GMX forks. Adapting the same integration process to their canonical versions was uncomplicated. Our journey with Arbitrum began with GMX. Currently, this integration empowers users to automate their long/short positions.

Tortle Ninja allows users to set stop loss and take profit prices, and automatically enter or exit a long or short position when certain conditions are met. Additionally, Tortle Ninja’s advanced features help users avoid liquidations. If prices come close to their liquidation price, Tortle Ninja will automatically exit their position.

With Tortle Ninja, users only need to pay the initial transaction fee. The protocol takes care of everything else, getting rid of intermediary steps, expensive gas fees, and approvals. Just start the process, and everything else happens automatically as it should.

In addition to GMX, Tortle Ninja’s integration extends to SushiSwap, Balancer, Reaper Farm, and Yearn Finance.

When it comes to swaps, Tortle Ninja has meticulously whitelisted over 120 different assets on @Arbitrum. The protocol will soon be sourcing price information from SushiSwap and Balancer, selecting the best quotation, and executing the swap. In the near future, Tortle Ninja is poised to become the largest DeFi hub on Arbitrum, boasting the most extensive collection of assets within the ecosystem.

Tortle Ninja’s reach doesn’t stop there. The platform offers more than 100 different liquidity pools, which have a total value of over $120 million. These pools are a mix of Balancer and Sushiswap.

As always, Tortle Ninja streamlines the process — there’s no need to buy intermediate tokens. All operations are bundled into a single transaction. Users retain full control, with the ability to automate entry and exit positions, as well as monitor the value of their positions over time. Should a liquidity pool face losses, the automated system will ensure a swift exit, returning the funds to the user’s wallet.

Structured products hold immense potential for Tortle Ninja, contingent on the application of a timing layer. Tortle Ninja integrates this timing layer, enhancing the utility of structured products. Regarding farms, Tortle Ninja currently supports some SushiSwap farms, and, in line with our ethos, the entire process is managed effortlessly by the platform. Tortle will Harvest and autocompound rewards are part of the package, bolstering the growth of users’ principal investments over time. While Tortle Ninja has integrated Reaper and Yearn Finance Vaults, Curve-based Vaults have been temporarily excluded from the offering.

Our team is presently focused on developing their second Arbitrum Native integration, known as Camelot DEX. As usual, they will release it once the development is completed.

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