Tortle Ninja’s Approach to Structured Products

We will be publishing a composability standard for smart contracts soon. After all, DeFi should be composable; otherwise, it’s not truly DeFi.

3 min readMay 22, 2023

Our approach to structured products has remained unchanged since our inception. We strive to work with them and empower users to explore their potential, as they are crucial and will only become more significant as time goes on in the DeFi world. With that in mind, there are some critical concepts to consider regarding our approach:

  • Tortle Ninja does not develop structured products. Instead, we provide a platform for users to connect with them and create even larger products. We also measure the value and evolution of these products over time.
  • Tortle Ninja adds a timing layer on top of these structured products. This allows us to invest or divest in these products accordingly when market conditions change. This is crucial because structured products perform best under specific market conditions. Since they are not deposits, automations like the one we propose are particularly compelling.
  • Tortle Ninja can integrate and create automation layers for products in less than 24 hours, as we did with the farm PEPE-WFTM:

We created an auto-compounding vault for our farm. This provided users with timely access to the best possible rewards and made it the first highly sophisticated structured product on a memecoin in the


This vault is securely integrated into Tortle Ninja and has undergone battle testing. Users are able to track the progress of underlying assets, including the value of liquidity pool tokens, reward tokens, all underlying tokens, and the effects of auto-compounding. Additionally, users can view their total earnings since depositing.

Please note that there may be some price impact when selling.

What we think is great about this approach is how easy it is to integrate new products and protocols. Products can be integrated within a day, and most protocols within maybe 2–3 weeks. Most structured products generate better yields for early participants, so reducing the time it takes to get them into the market is a must.

When it comes to new protocols, things can get a bit more complicated. Some protocols are designed in a way that makes them difficult to compose, often because of abuse by MEV/BOT operators. In some cases, Tortle Ninja can still make them composable, but it becomes more challenging. As part of our commitment to DeFi, we will be publishing a composability standard for smart contracts soon. After all, DeFi should be composable; otherwise, it’s not truly DeFi.

About Tortle Ninja

Tortle Ninja is a no-code decentralized financial tool built to enable retail investors, fintech, and crypto enthusiasts to create combined DeFi strategies.

Tortle Ninja users can create combinations of DeFi operations by linking the nodes and defining a strategy. You can split, create a limit, stop-loss orders, and even more complex strategies.

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