Tortle Ninja and ANDAO AMA Recap

ICYMI: Here’s a comprehensive recap of the fun voice AMA session with ArbitrumNewsDAO!

6 min readSep 13, 2023

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the attendees who joined us for our voice AMA with ANDAO yesterday! 💙🧡

If you happened to miss this engaging session, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. Below, you can find the key highlights from our recent voice AMA. We’ve rewrite some parts of the article to enhance your reading experience and gathered the most important details. You can also listen to the full version of this AMA by clicking the tweet below. Enjoy!

Tortle Ninja x ANDAO voice AMA Recap

This recap covers information such as the founder and team’s backgrounds, the advantages for Tortle users, an overview of market conditions, the token launch, DeFi strategies, community engagement, and more!

Zedeck (ANDAO host):
Please introduce yourself and tell us what you do for Tortle Ninja.

Javi (CEO and Founder of Tortle Ninja):

Oh, yeah, I’m Javi, and, as I mentioned, I’m the CEO and Founder of Tortle Ninja. I’ve been working in software for almost 20 years. I began my career working with various firms, and about 12 years ago, I established my first company, a consultancy firm that serves Fortune 500 clients.

In the past year, our digital team has been focused on developing software related to cryptography and security. Most of our technical team members are highly interested in this field. Entering the crypto space felt like a natural progression for us. It all started as a project, almost like a game, something we didn’t initially intend for. I created the first interface for my personal use and, after several months of refinement, discussed it with my digital team to further improve it. Subsequently, I shared it with some friends who provided valuable feedback. Afterward, we decided to showcase it at a conference.

From there, it took just about three months to secure our first seed round of funding, and everything unfolded rapidly. We received incredible support from some kind investors and advisors. Now, approximately two years later, we are a team of about 12 people dedicated to Tortle.

Even though the market remains challenging, we are quite content with what we have achieved. In my opinion, Tortle stands as one of the most sophisticated DeFi projects out there. You truly grasp its value when you dive into it. I strongly recommend that everyone in this community try out our product because it offers great utility, thanks to our dedicated team, and it’s highly beneficial for everyday users.

Zedek (ANDAO host): So talking about DeFi you mentioned, I think I was going through your website and then on the website, you mentioned all DeFi in just one place. So I want you to maybe tell us how you get to manage to put all DeFi in one place and how the investors listening could benefit from Tortle Ninja?

Javi (CEO and Founder of Tortle Ninja): In our platform, you can currently access approximately 300 liquidity pools, over 100 assets, and potentially another 100 investment products from various protocols. While not all assets are available immediately, in a few months, you may gain access to up to 50% of the total liquidity and assets typically found on the platform.

What sets us apart is not only the access to protocols, liquidity, and assets but also the powerful automation tool that enhances your capabilities. With it, you can create diverse portfolios, like one comprised of meme coins or an indexed index fund with around 12 coins. You can hold these assets, and our system continuously tracks their prices, allowing you to react to changes in value.

This empowers you to craft dynamic portfolios that focus on the best-performing assets or explore various strategies. We’re constantly amazed by our users’ creativity and unique approaches. If you can envision a strategy to outperform the market, you can implement it here.

In essence, this is how you can engage with our platform and all the features it offers.

Zedek (ANDAO host): Awesome. Awesome. I want us to go further with this. Could you maybe tell us do you think in your own in your own side right now, do you think that tortle ninja would make like Abitrum gain more investors and users because I see Abitrum is going to really, in the future Arbitrum is really going to do well.

Javi (CEO and Founder of Tortle Ninja): Well, the ecosystem has a significant amount of attention and users, making it a vibrant ecosystem. However, we believed that we could strive to do even better. With Tortle, you can automate and enhance your capabilities as an investor. On every protocol, when you interact with Tortle, you can accomplish things that are impossible to achieve when exclusively using the protocol.

I genuinely hope that we can elevate Abitrum users to a new level with Tortle. The entire team is dedicated to this goal, and we work diligently every day to improve the ecosystem we are collaborating with and the protocols we integrate with. We are in constant communication with the guys at GMX, and we are actively pursuing integration. Additionally, we will soon begin working on GMX’s version two.

Zedek (ANDAO host): When do you think we will start to see more light in the market?

Javi (CEO and Founder of Tortle Ninja): Well, that’s a good question as well. Of course, I don’t have a clear answer for that, but crypto is one of the most powerful technological advancements in human history. So eventually, things will go up. I don’t know exactly when because there are many forces at play, some favoring crypto and others opposing it. There are individuals with significant power and liquidity, as well as governments, politics, lawyers, and many other factors. The current scenario is quite chaotic, making it challenging to predict when the market will recover. However, it will recover because when I compare crypto to traditional finance, it’s like comparing a car to a horse. Over the long term, the car with better technology will prevail, and that’s what’s happening in this fight.

Moreover, crypto has unique qualities. Everything in crypto is permissionless and open. The code of almost all the core protocols is open source. Consequently, they are frequently subjected to attacks. But in the long run, protocols that withstand these attacks will be considered extremely secure. The current situation in crypto is an evolutionary process. Eventually, these characteristics will solidify crypto’s position as the core of the future financial system. I’m clear on that, and I believe many others share this opinion within financial institutions.

As for when this transition will occur, I don’t know, but I hope it happens as soon as possible. The current market conditions are causing chaos on many protocols and networks, but it’s all part of the game. Those who endure these tough times will likely emerge as winners in the next cycle.

AMA with ANDAO full version:

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