Tortle Ninja 2023 Recap

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The future of DeFi is bright, and you’ve probably seen its impressive growth in 2023. This expansion has led to a significant increase in the market size and brought innovative DeFi solutions to the forefront, offering more financial empowerment and opportunities than ever before.

Aligned with these advancements, our team at Tortle Ninja has grown to 14 members, which now includes 6 developers, 2 people in strategy, and 6 marketing and design professionals.

Now operating across two blockchains with nearly 40,000 transactions, we’ve solidified our presence and earned the trust of our growing community:

Q1: Progress

In the first quarter of 2023, Tortle Ninja demonstrated its ability to make profits as it sits on top of 800 smart contracts, a task demanding substantial expertise and often challenging even for adept DeFi users.

Amidst this complexity, Tortle Ninja specialized in Yield Farms, Vaults, and leveraging the power of Compounding Interest, turning intricate strategies into profitable ventures. Our dedicated team and active community developed and executed over 100 DeFi strategies.

Tortle Ninja achieved a remarkable milestone in March, recording 133K in transaction volume within just 24 hours.

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Q2: V2 launch

The official release of Tortle Ninja V2! This update expanded access for all users, with $170.9M in TVL, 430 liquidity pools, 118 farms and vaults, and over 270 tradable assets — the largest collection on Fantom.

Tortle Ninja V2 also added new combo triggers, enabling more intelligent strategies based on ChainLink oracles, profit/loss, social signals, time-based, and APR-based factors. Our branding website received a visually appealing upgrade, and we successfully closed a $2 million seed round to support growth and development.

Celebrating Tortle Ninja’s 2-year DeFi journey, we hosted exciting giveaways to express our appreciation for their unwavering support in a constantly evolving DeFi landscape.

Q3: We’ve landed on Arbitrum Chain

In Q3, a significant milestone was our successful stress testing as we entered the multichain realm on Arbitrum. While facing initial challenges with batches of over 400 transactions, we proactively enhanced safety by capping our strategies at around 200 transactions.

Proven to be a stellar development platform, and we’re thrilled about its potential. We launched an exclusive beta test for Arbitrum, which attracted an impressive 16,000 applicants.

Within the Arbitrum ecosystem, Tortle Ninja’s strategic roadmap is meticulously planned, with a primary focus on seamlessly integrating the Camelot protocol. This integration encompasses Camelot’s pools, assets, and financial products into the Tortle Ninja ecosystem, subject to rigorous testing and optimization for a robust deployment.

Our core focus centers on the seamless integration of Camelot’s protocol, encompassing a diverse range of assets, liquidity pools (LPs), and Nitro Pools. This integration will introduce approximately 50 additional assets for trading, including exclusive Arbitrum native tokens unique to Camelot DEX.

This expansion will unveil over 40 new LPs and 23 fresh farms and Nitro Pools, all conveniently accessible in the form of autocompounding vaults.

Alongside Camelot, we’ve integrated with SushiSwap and Balancer Labs, granting access to 100+ liquidity pools and farms. These pools hold over $120 million, offering diverse DeFi investment options tailored to individual risk preferences.

Our intent-based approach directs liquidity through top DEXs, ensuring competitive market prices. Recent analytics from Dune Analytics reveal 1,178 successful advanced strategies executed by our users.

Q4: Version 3

We have already begun developing V3 at a remarkable speed! It’s currently in its final stages of development. Our primary focus has been on overhauling the user experience and interface, making them more intuitive and reducing friction in interactions.

This concerted effort is aimed at positioning Tortle Ninja as the most user-friendly version to date.

As part of our ongoing dedication to community engagement, we have launched another testing program, this time with a specific focus on improving the UX. Our objective is to collect valuable feedback from our community members in order to enhance the overall user experience.

And that’s a wrap for now! Get ready because Version 3 is dropping next week.

Keep an eye out for further announcements and exciting updates!

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