How to apply for Tortle Ninja Version 2.0 Beta Testing Program

Secure your spot as one of the selected 50 beta testers! Limited time only.

2 min readJun 1, 2023

Tortle Ninja is accepting applications again for the Version 2.0 beta test. To apply, click the button below. It will only take 45 seconds.

Version 2.0 Beta Testers Benefits

✔️ Receive incentives for reporting bugs and providing feedback.

✔️ Get an incredible opportunity to be the first to try out new features.

✔️ Join the exclusive Discord channel, available only for V2 beta testers.

✔️ Participate in the exclusive private massive airdrop.

Please note that applicants must be in Tortle Ninja’s official Discord server. This is where the beta test group is located, allowing testers to communicate with other testers and developers easily. Joining the server also grants access to exclusive content and updates not found elsewhere.

Join Tortle Ninja Official Discord Server.

About Tortle Ninja

Tortle Ninja is a cutting-edge decentralized finance (DeFi) framework that operates on the Fantom Opera Chain. With Tortle Ninja, it’s easy to build, test, and optimize your DeFi strategies.




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